Outsourcing services

Outsourcing service is one of the pioneering services of the company in the early days. Outsourcing products meet the requirements of customers. The quality of products has brought the customers satisfaction and built up the confidence of customers with the company, especially difficult partners in the US market and some developed countries in Europe.

Outstanding outsourcing services of the company:

VoIP (Cross-platform): VoIP Client software on Cross-platforms, tailored to the needs of customers, enterprises.

  • Sign in with SIP account
  • Account information management: Set up avatar, status, some other settings
  • Contact management: Add contact, create subgroup in contact list
  • Call, chat between two people, or in groups

Video Editor (Cross-platform): HD Video Editor and Video Maker with blur background and no crop, adding music and video effects!

  • Trim and cut the video to the length
  • Split videos into two parts, Multi-split videos into several clips
  • Export video in HD quality. Easy-to-use free vertical video editor

Business Manager / Shop manager

  • Manages purchases information of the business
  • Send messages to each other in multiple shop and multiple users
  • Manages sales records and print out the net profit information according to desired category
  • Manages debts and expenses of your business
  • Manages Capital addition to the business
  • Get notifications of new data of business anywhere