About us

Bachasoft Company is a company specializing in software development and application of digital technology. In the process of development, Bachasoft has built a lot of useful products in the fields of mobile applications, entertainment games, outsourcing services ... along with young, creative, enthusiastic, full of talent staff bringing high value and contributing greatly to the development of application technology in Vietnam.

In order to have a strong foundation and launch of innovative technology products as today, Bachasoft has stepped up and expanded its operations with 3 separate centers and nearly 100 professional staff with passion and high responsibility.

With the spirit of "Quality in every product", Bachasoft strives to become one of the leading technology companies in Vietnam, reaching out to the region and the world, bringing the highest value products to customers, serving the interests of millions of users in the country and around the world. Meeting the real needs of life, work, study, entertainment, and meeting the requirements in business production.

Strategy to make a difference

  • Creation: Freedom to develop ideas and talents of each person. Always finding new things to change and develop.
  • Pioneer: With the spirit of dare to think dare to do, and giving customers a great experience on each product.
  • Breakthrough: Creating the highlight and difference in each product. Bringing new, useful experiences to users.
  • Responsibility: Always working in the spirit of enthusiasm, determination to complete work to the end.